Lockheed Martin Employee Organizes Haitian Goodwill Tour | TRUTH News

The following article by Alexander Lee was posted at on August 17, 2017. Lockheed Martin Manufacturing Engineering Manager Jose Daniel randomly ran into the Haitian Amputee Soccer team in Texas while they were training for the Cup of America in Irvine, California. After witnessing their raw talent during the practice session, Jose wanted to know more […]

Haitian Amputee Soccer Team in DFW Area August 10-15, 2017

Operation Go Quickly, a Fort Worth based community non-profit organization, serves people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide. Operation Go Quickly believes that a well functioning amputee soccer program can drastically change the perception of people with disabilities. The Haitian Amputee Soccer Team, ranked #7 in the world, is traveling through DFW […]

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin to Support 4 Amputee Soccer Exhibitions

  They say that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we’ll be in places we’ve never been and meet people we never intended to meet. This is usually how we encounter our most memorable experiences. This is exactly what happened to Jose Daniel, Manufacturing Engineering manager, when he was introduced to the Haitian Amputee Soccer […]